Opera dei Lumi is a new opera company with big ambitions. Our purpose is to explore the musical works of the Enlightenmentone of the richest periods of classical musicand reaffirm why they are still so relevant to us today.


Bringing professional musicians together from around the country to rehearse and perform incurs significant cost. Ticket income from our performances only makes up a small portion of this. If you have enjoyed one of our recent performances and want to see Opera dei Lumi continue its good work, we ask that you consider supporting us.


In 2019 and 2020 Opera dei Lumi want to present works written by the eleven-year-old Mozart, composed shortly after his return to Salzburg from the epic three-year Grand Tour of Europe (1763–66). These early works by Mozart are astonishingly brilliant and revealing and yet they are hardly known. How can this be the case, given Mozart is widely considered one of the best known composers in the western world?


We want to bring these works to life and share them with audiences throughout Scotland and the North of England. Your support will allow us to make this happen. By following the link below, you can make an online donation of any size. Alternatively, you can send a cheque to our address below.


Opera dei Lumi is a registered charity (1175069) led by a Board of Trustees and is registered with HMRC to receive Gift Aid. If you want to know more about our plans and how you can support them, please contact Artistic Director Peter Keenan either by phone (07896 907 933) or email (info@operadeilumi.org.uk).

Music Stand Appeal

It may surprise many of our supporters to learn that good, reliable music stands are very expensive and – as a result – organisations are often reluctant to lend them out. Each project, Opera dei Lumi tours between multiple venues and it is very challenging to source adequate music stands for our musicians to use in each location. We are looking to raise a total of £1,000 to purchase 11 professional, durable and portable orchestral RAT Stands at £89 each.

Owning quality music stands will alleviate some of the logistical challenges associated with touring with an orchestra. Any donation will go a long way to helping us purchase this necessary equipment. You can donate by sending a cheque to the address below (write ‘Stands’ on the back so we know what it’s for) or via our website at operadeilumi.org.uk/support. We will mark donations of £89 or more by acknowledging you in print, and by offering two complimentary tickets to a future performance.


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